Saturday, June 03, 2006

Walk around Brisbane

I'm not sure but I thought the 18-70mm - AFG DX would have been a sharper lens. Maybe I need to up the shutter speed


frink said...

f/8! f/8!
There's ya problem ;)
You're asking a lot of it if you expect it to be very sharp wide open. Will also help solve that slight vignetting problem.

frink said...

Which shots do you think are not that sharp?? And what's your sharpening set at in camera and in post processing.

Hash said...

Dood! are you checking my site all the time? or is there some way you can get alerted!? Hehe

I thought f/stop might be the issue, I wasn't happy with the rail bridge shot. That was 2+ sharpening in camera and USM in PS afterward. Also forgot I left camera on 800iso from teh night before.

Did you end up getting the 12-24mm DX? I think that might be a crucial acquisition

frink said...

I'm stalking you :P
Haven't got the 12-24 because the 10.5 FE has satisfied my wide angle lust.. for now. It's a beauty :)

It's still something I want at some stage though... might see if Nikon release any wide DX primes at Photokina (12mm f/2.8 DX would be sweet)

Yeh bridge one just looks like lens softness from being wide open. Get yourself the 17-55 if you want to fix that :P (or just stop down..)