Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Revolving doors

Here is a little analogy about my life at the moment... coz I'm like a shark.

I use to think that the harder of life's decisions were meant to be simple doors one steps through, I was only partially right. I think these decisions are far more like revolving doors. It's probably not a new concept, like so many things in life, but new to me.

Ordinary doors are too open and shut, there is very little to fear. Revolving doors on the other hand are very intimidating things.

Enter or exit at the wrong speed and it will screw you over good, if you are wearing a cape, beware! Also unlike a normal ordinary door, two people can pass through a revolving door in opposite directions, even though they want to be on the same side.

You can try going the wrong way to someone else in a revolving door and you'll just end up pushing against each other. You can confuse people by going round and round. You can also confuse yourself. You can get trapped in a revolving door.

If you are handicapped, when it comes to a revolving door decision, forget about it, revolving doors eat wheel chairs, crutches and their owners.

I guess if there is one good thing about a revolving door, it is that you never feel as though it is truly shut. Or is that a bad thing?


claire debats said...

yeah... and it's totally harder to slam them.

claire debats said...

...or ski through them.