Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Snow shoe explore - Guthega

I went out to Guthega for a snowshoe with some friends and carried way too much camera gear to the point where I kept falling through the snow simply as I weighed 105kg packed out! Nevertheless it was well worth it and I always marvel at the detail my 24-70mm captures. Can't wait for more landscape action when I eventually get a D800

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Dirt de Femme

I've had enough of waiting for the weather to clear up in order to go out with the camera. So when a friend was going to race her bike regardless of weather, I buttoned up with weather gear, donned an Optech rainsleeve on the camera and lens (before she recognised me, Gabster thought I was a strange man on the racecourse rubbing a plastic bag on my face), and prepared for the worse weather Canberra had to throw at me.


Unfortunately, everytime I take out the optech plasticbag for the camera, the clouds part and the sun comes out?! DAMN IT! I WANTED TORRENTIAL RAIN! Was really happy with the way the AF was performing, I think the red jacket really helped separate Gabby from the background. Used a bit of manual fill flash on some of the closer shots to light up the eyes under the visor, otherwise it was picking locations that placed the sun in the right place. My composition was woeful though, it looks like I was thinking "dead-centre-of-frame" was the new "rule of thirds".


Sunday, June 23, 2013

Pesky Clouds - Two sides of Canberra

Mt Ainslie - Civic and parliamentary triangle
 So much for the super moon with all these clouds in the way. Nevertheless, I got a chance to play with some light reflected in those clouds. It was a cold evening to be out on Mt Ainslie AND Red Hill.

Mt Ainslie - wider perspective stitch using 10-20mm Sigma

Pano are tricky in Photoshop, too little overlap and it won't stitch together, too much overlap and the photoshop has issues blending the photos together.

Mt Ainslie - Northside!

Red Hill - Southside!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Finding my photographic feet again


I had the opportunity to take photos of the Lovely Libby who was a willing participant and wasn't put off by my constant apologising for being slow with the set up. It's been too long since I've done outdoor off camera flash portraits. I was hoping to use the Sun as my primary but it hid behind a cloud and the crisp autumnal yellows came out a bit faded.

Still trying to get back into the swing of things, the little things you forget, like...

  • never run f2.8 on the 70-200mm at the long end unless I've nailed my focusing,
  • or keeping the conversation and banter flowing with subtle directions for posing, so the photos don't come out samey,
  • or avoiding the uncomfortable silences with my tongue poking out the corner of my mouth in concentration on settings.
  • or dial back the hairline light!
Feels like learning to run all over again. Thanks for your help Libs, hope you find the photos useful!

I dunno what I said, but it must have been ridiculous
Leaf colours hadn't quite turned and the sun was hiding behind clouds, will need to try another evening.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Depot Beach... Far away in time...

We are Legion, we are many, we are watching you
 Made the short trek to Depot beach just north of Bateman's Bay, camped overnight for a dawn sunrise. Perhaps had a beer too many and sleeping in the back of the Subie is no good for one's neck. Played around with HDRs but was having more issues with getting a good composition. Landscapes is just not my thing.

Pools of amber
A "meh" HDR

I don't know about the triptych, personally just like the far right only

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Between the tea and the toast (or scones if you have any)

Spent a lovely afternoon with a friend drinking assorted teas, reading and flexing some photography, or in this case, my under-utilised lensbaby composer. This lens is still a bugger to use effectively.

Flowering tea
The Japanese "Gone with the Wind"