Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Trawling for landscapes #2 - Tidbinbilla

Dunno if this really counts as a landscape, but I took it with that intention so it is! Again around midday (ARGH!), again 10-20mm, again same old composition,albeit with a slight macro twist. Fiddled with it in post. Focus ain't spot on and I'm workin' off a jpg. I dunno how people make money from landscape photography. Honestly I have less than 10 landscape photos that I'm happy with in the last 3 odd years of owning this camera.


Billo said...

Think I like this one better than the last one, a bit more going on, more dynamic composition. On the downside it's certainly not pin sharp, a bit of a focussing problem, user error or equipment?

You should post more blog entries Hash.

Hash said...

So very much user error. The close focusing distance on the 10-20mm is what? 25cm? I pull back till I have a focus confirmation from the camera and I must have relaxed, slouching forward, just before pressing the shutter button. It happens embarressingly a lot.

Well you aren't going to like the next landscape, it's got no foreground subject!