Thursday, November 01, 2007

Clare Bowditch and The Feeding Set

Back in BrisVegas for her new album launch "The Moon Looked On", the first after having twins. I thought I'd splash out and take all the roomies with me. Unfortunately Miss T (also a big fan since our train trip to Alghero) was unwell so she relinquished her precious ticket to a Mr. Todd who being a long time fan (and who coincidentally introduced me to her) was very appreciative of.

We had seats front and centre in the Powerhouse Theater. When I say that I mean second row from stage at about eye level with Miss B's knees, smack bang in front of her. Felt like she was playing just for us (I wish!)

I was a big fan of "What was left" and I am now keen on the new album (featured on Triple J all this week). Pick up a copy and give it a spin, and then buy all the earlier albums too! Definitely one of my favourite female vocalists and musicians in general, just ask the girls... I keep playing her again and again!

P.S. IMHO I've come a way of a ways from the first time I took photos of her in July last year, always nice to visually see I've gotten incrementally better over time

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