Sunday, February 17, 2008

Umbrella Claire

So after a long hiatus, many broken promises and much gnashing of teeth from Claire (when I had absconded so many times) I got around to some portraits of Claire - the last of the Umbrella (ella ella) girls.

All shot in the comfortable confines of AGHQ with no dramatic (read cheating) sunrises or sunsets to help lighting. I tried for high key stuff with just a white sheet, the flashes and brolly. Firstly with some girl next door type o'photos.

Had a crack at some alternative settings but ended back at the white sheet, B&W again was not my forte, so post processed with sepia to make things a little more interesting. I like the way B&W can smooth skin but it's hard to add depth to an image.

When I called for props, Kat kat turned up a GH III axe and this is what Claire came up with... :-P

Thanks to Kat and Claire for their creative input in PP and lighting, helped with the learning on what other people see in a photo.

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