Monday, February 25, 2008

Improptu Portaits: Leney W

I'm finding out how hard it is to conjure a good portrait out of thin air. All the Umbrella Girls (in no way affiliated with Umbrella Girls USA, though I think my girls are just as pretty) were preplanned with much thought going into what I wanted to try/reproduce. However, with just my small collection of lenses and a single flash, I had to please Leney W's Ma since she had gone to a great deal of trouble to thaw me out a tasty lamington and find some cocalish ambrosia.

Continuing from lessons learned from Umbrella Claire, the hotel room windows yielded some high key stuff, though no umbrella to help the front lighting, just my tupperware. Tried the whole "close-your-eyes-then-open-them-when-I-tell-you" glarey sun trick, but I've obviously got to work on my timing or Leney's got to start reading my mind. That's okay I like the squint, I think it's more natural.

Thanks to Ben J for showing me some of the more picturesque places in Victor the last time so I got a good location, though it was hard light.

Thanks to Leney for horsing (can you tell I'm a missin' Claire) around for the photos and I hope ya Ma likes them!

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