Wednesday, May 24, 2006

I look good in leather!

Was just commenting to a friend about my sexy new camera and trying to find a suitable analogy, here is an excerpt of our email conversation

... I could have got a very decent D70s and another good lens, but the flexibility and useability of the D200 is lightyears ahead of the D70s. Now that I’ve been using it for a couple of days, going back to [Claire’s] D70 feels like stepping from a maserati into a Toyota celica. Sure both nice cars, but I’d be ridiculed for stepping out of a celica, clad in leather pants, whereas I’d be worshipped for stepping out of a maserati in said pants. I’m not sure of the analogy but it will suffice...

reminds me of a particular ebay auction I was once was sent a link to

as well as one of my fav penny arcade strips

(you should read the accompanying article as well (at the very bottom),

Oh well... I guess I'm like a shark.. or I like transvestites


frink said...

A transvestite shark perhaps?
I don't know how I ended up here but that's pretty much par for the course on the internet.. woo for d200

claire debats said...

awww. my poor toyota celica. maybe i need a racing stripe...

frink said...

oh btw..

You gotta get yourself one of these badboys (the thing on the flash.. well another body would be nice as well 8))

frink said...

uh... the end of that shoulda-been link is original.jpg
/end spam

Hash said...

What the hell is that? Some sexy diffuser? I'm thinking another couple of speedlights and some gels would be VERY handy!

frink said...

It's a Lightsphere 2 PJ diffuser.
It's the sort of diffuser God would use if he was into that sort of thing :)
Surely you need some of those sexy new macro flashes before anything else? :P

Hash said...

I was considering going the extra dosh for the R1C1 instead of a SB-800, I decided in the end the 800 was more useful and I can still light macro stuff with it off camera. Can you show us the difference the lightsphere makes Vs the usual diffuser?

frink said...

I don't have any decent comparison shots. I'll just say that it's resulting in some of the sharpest shots i've ever taken with a flash (I assume because of the way it's lighting things)
I'm sure my sister won't mind me posting a shot of her (what she don't know, wont hurt her ;);))
It's really sharp.. and pretty well lit, although i've gotten better. Too bad about the pose eh :P
(probably slap original.jpg on the end..)
Not bad for the 17-55, which although sharp.. ain't really a portrait lens.

If you want some actual decent comparison shots I can do some.. although the difference might not seem that impressive :/
It is though! At least.. i'm sold on it.
You can google for the official site which has some decent comparo shots etc..

Hash said...

Bloody hell! That is sharp. I'm still trying to work out what's the best way to use the flash, everything appears flat and washed out, I'm wondering if I don't set up a FVlock everytime I use flash in portrait mode and switch to spot/point metering

frink said...

I just use TTL indoors (usually bounced) and TTL-BL outdoors. Works a treat in most cases. Tends to underexpose by about 1/3rd of a stop with the lightsphere on but that's easy to compensate for.