Monday, May 22, 2006

Bogans in my garden!

Woot! I was up early this morning coz I was so excited, luckily Claire was already up too so I had some one I could share my excitement with, I think she is secretly laughing at me! Oh well, she doesn't have a D200 does she!? (okay so she has a pretty cool D70 instead).

I was going to post a photo of Sammie who was left out in the cold (literally) by the the hot water system, but me thinks that would have earned me a swift kick in the crackers (in between the little cats strapped to my thighs with cellotape)

Not really a devastating photo but hey I'm still learnin'... Probably going to walk to the botanic gardens this weekend for some more floral fun! Posted by Picasa

1 comment:

sam said...

hi hashi! first off: very disappointed to find no pics of flannelette-clad mullet-crown'd interlopers in our garden; secondly: no need to fear my violent reprisal for anything ...methinks i'm rather too small and less fit than you for that kind of thang... i don't want a roundhouse kick to the head, chuck norris style, thankyou! - but that leaves me to plot other (devious, evil) forms of revenge... perhaps while you sleep... remember: i know where you live!