Sunday, February 12, 2012

Vanuatu Wedding - August 2011

Some wedding gear from mid last year. IN VANUATU!! Been under wraps till the newly weds could see them first. Brought the PWs FlexTT5s out to play, and would have been in strife without them. If you need radio triggering + TTL where it's necessary, you really can't go past these beauties. Near 100% reliable. Next time I am adding much bigger lights for fill rather than having to wait for the speed lights to cycle given it was almost straight into the sun shooting.

Mental note, do not wear black to a tropical wedding... even if you are in FORMAL shorts, it just doesn't work. Oh and need to check if gear insurance covers loss during earthquake as there were a few tremors whilst I was there (very exciting for a geophysicist/photographer).

Amazing effort from the groom given the temperature, must have really been pumped.

Final photo: Got the "tweak" I asked for, pretty sure the groom enjoyed it.

Thanks Nick and Leney for letting me put these up. In fact, thank for the wondrous 4 days of glorious weather to scope locations, swim with fishies, go sailing and importantly RELAX.

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