Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Brit Classic Sprint - Wakefield Park Goulburn NSW

It was a dismal drive out to Goulburn last weekend, fog, sleet, ordinary breakfast meat pie... But the highlight was to see my mate's dad's Adelaide housed Triumph Spitfire MkIII doing time trials around Wakefield Park race way.

Other notable classics were GT6s and TR7, some making the trip up from Adelaide too. The foggy start to the morning added to the atmosphere of hearing high performance engines shrouded by mist (and the occasional tyre squeal!)

Access was limited (and I was somewhat lazy), so the shots look kinda samey.

All in all, still need to practice slow shutter speed panning (though 70-200mm VRII does most of the heavy lifting) and shot dicipline to start tracking and panning earlier whilst keeping and eye on composition. I'm most satisfied with the GT6 and Wakefield Park sign in the background.


Steve said...

That sepia Spitfire shot (3rd shot) is epic.
Thanks for the new desktop, I'll send beer in the mail. :-D

Hash said...

It's an awesome little car, ~500kg of Aluminum with a 1.3L engine. Friend remarked "there goes about 600 coke cans and an engine"

gadgettragic said...

Hi Hash--I love the look of a classic with a GoPro mounted on the rollbar!



Jackie said...

Great pictures! Looks like a really fun day out.